Baikal Residence
Enjoy your staying in ecologically clean, reserved areas – on the shores of the largest lake in Russia

Baikal Residence is located in ecologically clean, reserved areas – on the shores of the largest lake in Russia. The lodge hotel is surrounded by undisturbed forests and water surface, but the way will not be a problem, as you can get here from the nearest Severobaikalsk by car in ten minutes.

The territory, exceeding the area of 60 football fields along the Baikal shore line, is open to the guests of the residence. Enchanting views of nature, mixed forests, waters and mountains beckon and make you forget about everything!

You can stay in the “Taiga Manor” or in the “Hunter’s Cabin”.

You can reach hotel by land, by water and by air. The hotel has its own fully equipped helipad and a pontoon berth that extending by 50 meters to Baikal.

Baikal Residence has a volleyball playground, a summer shooting range for archery, crossbow and airgun shooting.

You can always order a trip on a yacht, jet ski, ATV and any other water and land transport and visit those places that can not be reached by land and on foot.

The rooms

Comfort, style and forethought to the slightest detail are waiting for you in the “Baikal Residence” Lodge Hotel.

The rooms vary in size and layout, they emphasize the natural style character of the hotel and reflect accuracy we treat the surrounding nature with. Each room has an entrance lobby, a luxurious and modern bedroom, a spacious bathroom with a shower or a bath.

In rooms:

•King-size bed

• Large work desk

•Area: from 27 sq.m / 45 sq.m.

•LCD TV and Internet TV

•Telephone with voice mail

•Personal safe

•Wi-Fi Internet

Premium Rooms

The hotel has 11 Premium rooms.

Stay in the comfortable Premium rooms, where merchant’s charm is combined with modern comfort.

Premium rooms have different layouts and an area from 27 to 35 sq.m. with elements of modern decor.

The interior color and style reflects the natural elegance and modesty.

Premier Rooms

These are unique spacious rooms in the style of modern elegance.

Each Premier room has a unique interior, with an area from 38 to 45 sq.m.

These rooms are additionally equipped with two Hi-Fi TVs.

Premier rooms are examples of elegant taste and comfort.

Suite Rooms

All the magnificence of Taiga and Baikal is embodied in the suite interior.

“Baikal” Suite has a large living room with a fireplace zone and a wood-burning fireplace, a bedroom, and a spacious modern bathroom.In the living room, wide stained glass windows open a panorama of Lake Baikal and the Barguzin Range. The interior is of gentle and light colors.

“Barguzin” Suite is an example of modest, natural luxury. Partitions are made of larch, wild animal skins are combined with modern and comfortable furniture, and high-class audio- and TV equipment.


Smoked meat of taiga wild animals, dressed with fresh herbs. Or freshly caught fish cooked on skewers is served with a vegetable garnish. You will find a dish for every taste in our restaurant. Local wild animals grew in the forests on the lake shore, Baikal fish is caught in crystal waters, meaning that everything is both natural, and also environmentally friendly products. We grow greenery and vegetables for dishes ourselves, in the territory of the residence, so we know for sure that they do not contain chemicals, pesticides and harmful additives. Your health is our priority.

Do not be afraid of “wild” names, exquisite Northern cuisine is a symbiosis of the Old Russian and Buryat recipes with modern European dishes and non-standard approach. If your fantasy dictates a different vision of the dish or a new recipe, our chef will cook what you want.

Together with the exquisite cuisine, you will find several cozy places in the lodge-hotel where you can enjoy your meal. On the ground floor of the hotel restaurant, the interior provides a warm and cozy environment for you. On the second floor, you will find the “Men’s Club”, however, the ladies are also welcome. Any dinner will be a small holiday with karaoke and billiards. What can be better in summer than breakfast outdoors? Open “Terrace” with a panoramic view of Baikal in front of the hotel is made just for this. There is a cozy “Gazebo” in the shadow of perennial larch for a small company of six people.

Leisure at The Baikal Residence

“Women’s Club” Beauty-Studio

“Women’s Club” Beauty-Studio offers cosmetic procedures to the hotel guests for the face and body skin care, as well as massage programs aimed at body detoxification and rejuvenation. Chocolate, algal and salt body wraps in combination with a thermo-blanket and massage health-improving actions will help the body to cleanse and recover, and professional sensitive hands of SPA specialists will relieve the accumulated stress.

Taiga Manor

“Taiga Manor” bathhouse with a Russian firewood steam room with a stove, lined with talcchlorite (having unique healing properties). When stone is heated it generates thermal radiation causing intense vitamin D production in the human body. In addition, talc stone removes inflammation, reduces arterial pressure, improves immunity and speeds up treatment of colds). The bathhouse is equipped with sunbeds with a view of Lake Baikal, and is also supplemented by qualified steamer services. It has a warming therapeutic effect with a detoxification effect. After the steam room you can dip into the cool pool and enjoy a hot taiga tea with sagan-daylya or cool sea-buckthorn infusion in a company of friends.

Hunter’s Cabin

“Hunter’s Cabin” Bathhouse has a Finnish steam room, Ofuro (sawdust) baths, beer baths, massage zone. It offers programs of rejuvenation, body cleansing, relaxing and anti-stress treatment procedures.

After warming in the sauna with coniferous scents, guests immerse themselves into the warm softness of cedar sawdust, where they are magically healed from stressed working days, improve immunity and stop aging processes. Beer baths under the proprietory recipe from the Lodge Hotel with herbal decoction of Sagandaylay grass and beer yeast, can be supplemented with an extract of maral antlers or salt with milk proteins (Cleopatra’s Bath), as well as aeromassage and rest in a haystack of Siberian hay – an unforgettable procedure where you can both improve the body and face skin condition, care for your hair (bear yeast has a beneficial effect on the body), and also try the North Baikal beer without preservatives of the purest Baikal water. After the sauna, it’s best to go to the outdoor terrace next to the Hunter’s Cabin and admire the beautiful view of Lake Baikal from the Japanese Ofuro barrel with hot water heated by a wood-burning stove. Fresh beer will accompany you!

Summer Season

Jeep Tour - Tour to Cape Ludar and Cape Krasny Yar

You should start meeting Baikal from its surroundings and legendary capes. The first stop is at the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment will make you feel magical and joining power of the earth and the sky, after all, according to the legend of shamans, the world axis connecting the earth, the space and the sky passes here. Having passed through the village Baikalskoye, surrounded by picturesque Baikal ridges, it is worth going to Cape Ludar.

There you can visit the ancient human cave and literally go 4 thousand years back, immersing into the historical atmosphere of the ancient world. The expedition ends at Cape Krasny Yar, where everyone can take a breath from the journey and stay alone with own thoughts, peering into the endless open of Lake Baikal.

•Duration: from 4 to 6 hours

•Equipment used: 4 Toyota Land Cruiser (200 and 150)

•Number of staff: 1-4 persons (depending on the number of cars)

+ cook if desired

•Maximum number of guests: 16 persons (4 persons in one Jeep)

Safari to Goudzhekit - ATV Safari to taiga to the Goudzhekit River

Drive from the trip and enjoyment of the surrounding nature wait for you at ATV safari to the Goudzhekit Spring. Driving along the Davan Mountain Pass, along the forest roads, crossing streams and mountain rivers, you can feel alone with the majestic nature. After a breathtaking trip, you should visit the hot Solnechniy Spring. After immersing into healing water with a temperature of +52 °C, you just have to throw away all thoughts and just relax.

On the way back, you have to visit the abandoned farm of nomads, where the life and way of life of the past can be observed. A trip to journey Goudzhekit will be a pleasant memory for life.

• Duration: Optional 5-7 hours

• Equipment used:

• 6 ATVs Arctic Cat TRV 700 CRUISER


• Buggy WILDCAT 1000 i MUD GT

• Buggy PGO Bug Racer 500

• Number of staff: 1-2 persons depending on the number of persons in a group

• Maximum number of guests: 11 persons

ATV safari-drift along the Baikal Lake

What could be better than getting on ATV and driving along the shores of Lake Baikal? Such an active pastime will give you energy, drive, adrenaline and a storm of emotions. Dare to break the silence of the surrounding nature and pass across a spit of pebbles separating Lake Baikal and Slyudyanskie Lakes. Drive through the forest roads in search of fascinating views and amenities of the infinitely beautiful nature of Lake Baikal.

• Duration: optional from 2 hours

• Equipment used:

• 6 ATVs Arctic Cat TRV 700 CRUISER


• Buggy WILDCAT 1000 i MUD GT

• Buggy PGO Bug Racer 500

• Number of staff: 1-2 persons depending on the number of persons in a group

• Maximum number of guests: 12 persons

Jet Ski Trip - Trip to Onokochanskaya Bay and to the Boguchan Island

Steady smoothness of Lake Baikal, like a flat steppe, where you can go in any direction. The jet ski trip will start from the berth of the Baikal Residence Lodge Hotel and continue in the picturesque Onokochanskaya Bay, where without dangerous waves and winds you can enjoy full jet ski power along great beach ridges. And then you approach the Boguchan Island overlooking Baikal.

The island is surrounded by steep rocky cliffs in the north. The south-western part is covered with tall grass and large boulders. Here you find pleasant experiences for the rest of your life!

•Duration: 4-5 hours

•Equipment used:

•4 Jet skis VXS-2013 YAMAHA VX 1800-M

•Yacht Fairline Phantom 40

•Number of staff: 2-3 persons + cook if desired

•Maximum number of guests: 10 persons

Cruise to Khakusy Thermal Spring

Khakusy is a strong thermal spring, striking from a rock in dense pine forest on the north-eastern shore of Lake Baikal. Stay at one with nature, surrounded by taiga and blue sky, taking a dip in a healing spring. The name “Khakusy” originated from the Evenk word “khaku” (heat), as confirmed by the spring water temperature of +47 °C. A natural resort on the coast of Baikal will pleasantly surprise you and replenish your energy.

•Duration: from 6 to 10 hours

•Equipment used:

•Yacht Fairline Phantom 40

• or

•Motor ship Magistralniy (Yaroslavets)

•Number of staff: 2 or 3 persons

•Maximum number of guests: 12 persons

Rafting on the Mountain River Tompuda, Fishing

Lovers of more extreme rafting should go for a trip on the mountain river Tompuda. The river Tompuda (the Yakut word “tompo” – “whirlpool”), originates at an altitude of more than 2,350 m above sea level. In the lower course, Tompuda is a calm, winding river, which tends to touch its waters with the great Lake Baikal.

With its beauty, diversity and presence of fish, Tompuda is not inferior to any river of the “Glorious Sea”, as locals call Baikal and its tributaries.

•Duration: from 6 to 12 hours

•Equipment used:

•Yacht Fairline Phantom 40

•Motor ship Magistralniy (Yaroslavets)

•Air-boat Piranha-6

• Maximum number of guests: 5 persons

Fishing at the Angara Sor

The Angara Sor is a real paradise for fishing lovers. The shallow-water bay is separated from Baikal by a narrow, picturesque sandy Yarki island stretching to 11 km. Here it is better to change a boat to the air motor vehicle or a water jet and rush over the surface of the sor.

After choosing the right place, you can catch perch, pike, Siberian roach, nerfling and other river fish, the Angara sor is rich in.

• Duration: from 4 to 12 hours

•Equipment used:

•4 Toyota Land Cruiser (200 and 150)

• water-jet boat Rosomakha 6000

•Air-boat Piranha-6

•Maximum number of guests: 4 persons

Winter Season

Jeep Trip - Cruise to Kotelnikovskiy Thermal Spring

In winter, Baikal turns into a smooth and mysterious icy desert, bordered by majestic peaks of mountain ridges. You can walk on the frozen lake surface to hot spring of Cape Kotelnikovskiy. It is the hottest spring in Lake Baikal with water temperature of +71 °C. you just have to take a dip into the pool with hot water surrounded by a winter landscape.

•Duration: from 4 to 6 hours

•Equipment used: 4 Toyota Land Cruiser (200 and 150)

•Number of staff: 4 persons

•Maximum number of guests: 12 persons

ATV Tour to taiga to the Goudzhekit river

Winter season at Lake Baikal is one of the brightest times of year. Enjoy surrounding winter nature in an ATV trip to Goudzhekit spring, driving along the Davan Mountain Pass by snow-covered forest roads, frozen streams and mountain rivers, feeling alone with majestic nature. A breathtaking frosty trip will lead to Solnechniy hot spring. You just have to take a dip into healing water with a temperature of +52 °C, throw away all thoughts, warm up and just relax.

•Duration: from 6 to 8 hours

•Equipment used:

•6 Arctic Cat TRV 700 CRUISER


•Buggy WILDCAT 1000 i MUD GT

•Buggy PGO Bug Racer 500

•Maximum number of guests: 15 persons

Alpine Skiing - Ski slope of the Goudzhekit ridge

Snow-covered Baikal mountains and ridges attract snowboarding and Alpine skiing lovers.

Two ski slopes “Great Bear” and “Lesser Bear” is a heady cocktail of sun, fresh air, high speeds and outrageous emotions. Abundance of snow and a long skiing season are waiting for you!

•Duration: from 4 to 6 hours

•Equipment used: 4 Toyota Land Cruiser (200 and 150)

•Maximum number of guests: 12 persons

Ice Fishing on the Angara Sor

Winter fishing, surrounded by Baikal mountain ridges, will both bring joy from the catch, and also provide aesthetic pleasure. You can get to the Angara sor by a hovercraft, enjoying fascinating winter landscapes of Baikal nature along the way.

•Duration: from 4 to 6 hours

•Equipment used: Hovercraft Mars 2000 4 Toyota Land Cruiser (200 and 150)

•Number of staff: 3-4 persons

•Maximum number of guests: 15 persons

Hovercraft Trip - Tour to Khakusy Thermal Spring

Every winter, Lake Baikal is completely covered with 1-1.5 m ice thick ice and becomes absolutely safe for travel by various types of transport.

Therefore, you can get to Khakusy Spring by a comfortable hovercraft. Khakusy is a strong thermal spring, striking straight from the rock. Taking a dip into hot water, surrounded by a dense pine forest, covered with a huge layer of snow is an unforgettable experience.

•Duration: from 4 to 6 hours

•Equipment used: Hovercraft Mars 2000

•Number of staff: 2 persons

•Maximum number of guests: 10 persons


The hotel will arrange a convenient and comfortable shuttle service to all customers.

If you are traveling by charter flights or your own air transport, we will arrange parking and safekeeping of your vehicle. Charter aircrafts An-24, Cessna, L-410 and Yak-40 will take you to the airport in Nizhneangarsk, or Mi-8, Robinson or Eurocopter helicopters – directly to the Baikal Residence. Travel time is from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the aircraft. Additionally, we arrange escort at airports, as well as short tours in the cities if transit stop.

If you are traveling by scheduled flights from the largest airports of Russia and the world, first you will reach Irkutsk airport, and then you will be delivered by a regional flight to Nizhneangarsk airport.

Regional flights are provided by a professional team of Angara Airlines, in time-proved An-24.

For lovers of sea travel, we offer a cruise along the coast of Lake Baikal to the berth of “Baikal Residence” Lodge Hotel by a comfortable flybridge yacht.

The Lodge Hotel is located: 4 kilometers from Severobaikalsk railway station; 30 kilometers from the airport of Nizhneangarsk.

Our Contacts:


Tel.:+7 (495) 255-37-32